Introduction: Sun Dried Tea Potato Crisps

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A perfect snack for tea time , but these are not ordinary ones, you can store them dried and fry them when ever you want to.

Step 1: Ingredients

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cooking oil

linen cloth

big pot

big strainer


large dish to soak potatoes into

Step 2: Peeling

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peel your potatoes, cut into very thin slices

keep them soaked so them don't get browned

keep making sure that your potatoes are submerged in water to prevent browning

Step 3: Keep Washing and Draining and Repeat Soaking

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can you see the two different shapes. Wash your potato slices.

Step 4: Boiling Process

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You need to Rinse your potatoes FOUR times to wash the starch away.

bring alot of water to boil. add your potatoes, salt, and cook until another roll of boiling occurs. Keep checking potatoes, they should cook very slightly, make sure they are still very raw.

strain and separate pieces.

Step 5: Sun Light

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place them under direct sunlight over a linen cloth. Keep turning then after a few hours.

it will dry with in a day if its sunny (if the temprature is above 35 degree celsius)

Step 6: Dried Ones,

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once they are totally dried, ( they will snap when you will try to break them, with a sound,) if they are not dried enough they would bend first then snap.


The whitter the dried crisp will be if it is washed correctly

Step 7: Fry on High Temperature.

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as shown.

The oil need to be very very hot

Step 8: Done.

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Left ones are ov


mrsmerwin (author)2017-05-27

I image that there is less oil spatter when you fry them since there is little if any moisture. How long does the frying take. Is it shorter since the potatoes are partially cooked?

sabu.dawdy (author)mrsmerwin2017-05-27

yes very short, it is similar to the time fish crackers take

mrsmerwin (author)sabu.dawdy2017-05-27

What are fish crackers?

sabu.dawdy (author)mrsmerwin2017-05-27

emm, leave that. It takes very less time then french fries

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