Sun Dried Watermelon





Introduction: Sun Dried Watermelon

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Slice it, leave it in the sun, eat it. Take pictures.
That, my friends, is the recipe for Sun Dried Anything.

"Hey!, That's pretty good!" exclaims each person who tries it.
The next comment is different for each person:

Geo: "That's Intense!"
Eric: "Like fruit leather"
Leah: "Water-melon without the water?"
Don: "I'll regret not trying it I'm sure!"

Step 1: Sun Drying Setup

This skylight is perfect for sundrying. When its open there's about the right amount of airflow.
Birds, bugs and brakeshoe dust are scarce, it's out of the way, and the dome protects it from the dew and rain at night.

Almost anything gets pretty interesting after leaving it up there for a few days. Sometimes delicious.
Just remember to say it's "Sun Dried" like a real marketing genius.

If intead you were to say "I left this dead snake in the sun for a couple of days, want to help me eat it?" that doesn't sound nearly as appealing.



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    That looks so :) Disgusting :o


    wow i have actualy have been looking for something like this! weird finding now

    what if i put a glass box around it to keep bugs off? would it trap the moisture or anything?

    what about bugs? rofl

    If that is stoner food, then Leah is cheesin' hard.

    It appears you used the same place and rack. You like drying things out, don't you? Why not place them over a box fan out in the sun? It would still be sun dried!

    I updated that one hotdog jerky recently. It would have been better with lowfat dogs. Fat doesn't dry out in our lifetime, or if it does it isn't food.