Introduction: Sun Tea

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Image a world with no electricity. All you have is the sun, a renewable energy source. You are thirsty for anything to drink. Make sun tea sing the sun! This tea is actually quite delicious and super easy to make with no electricity needed. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Step 1: Items You'll Need

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All you'll need for making sun tea is water (hot or cold), tea bags (I used four bags), a container to make the tea in, and direct sunlighted spot.

Step 2: Pour Water

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First, pour your water up to the top of the container you want to make your tea in.

Step 3: Tea Bags

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Put about four packets of tea bags into your water. Stir the water and tea bags around to ensure the bags are covered in water.

Step 4: Secure and Wait!

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Secure the lid on tightly to the tea container and wait for your tea to be made! Make sure you place your tea container in direct sunlight as the sun rays will heat up the water and make the reaction between the tea leaves in the bags and water react faster. Molecules move faster and react faster when there is heat involved. Wait about 30 minutes and check on your tea by then. If your tea isn't a dark color, wait a little bit longer.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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Congragulations! You've made your very own sun tea with little to none effort! Add some sugar or some milk, anything to your desire, and enjoy the tea you made from a renewable energy source. Enjoy!


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