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So, for the solar contest I thought I'd share my favorite summer time delight. SUN TEA! Its basically just like regular tea but you don't need a stove, or boiling water. The sunshine on a hot day does all the work for you! Plus the tea actually taste much better this way, it has a smoother taste. It doesn't get that slightly strong bitter taste at the end. So take a look and let me know what you think and give it a try, I'm sure you will enjoy it also.

Step 1: So, Here Is What You Will Need

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First, you will need a glass jar with a metal screw on lid. Make sure it has been cleaned before using. The glass will heat the tea much better than a plastic jug and the screw on lid keeps any critters or dust getting in your batch of tea.

Of course you will also need tea bags. I general use 3 bags of what ever tea you prefer. I used 2 Lipton and a bag of Earl Grey for this batch.

You will need a jug of water.

And Last, you will need a hot sunny day!

Step 2: Get Started

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So, remove the lid. Drop in all your tea bags.

Step 3: Filler Er' Up

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Time to add the water. Fill your glass jar just past 1/2 full. This will let your tea steep faster than if you fill it full.

Step 4: Close It Down

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Screw your lid back on so its fairly tight. Now, just walk away. Yep.. walk away. You work is done for a few hours. Seriously. Go take a nap. The tea will do the work for you.

Step 5: Okay, I Came Back 10 Min Later

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Just so I could take another picture.. Not stalking it or anything,

Step 6: And.... 20 Minutes After That..

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Just another picture... That's all...

Step 7: Okay Its Done Now. 3 Hours Later

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So I finally found something else to do other than watch tea make.. Well actually my wife found a list of things but that's another story. At this point you can add sugar if you like or some would add a sliced lemon like I do.

Take it in the house and stir well and top off your jar with fresh cold water.

Grab a glass, add some ice, pour in your fresh sun made tea and chug it down... And get back to that long list of honey do's... Enjoy!


bbqandbeer (author)2017-09-17

Yeah, like my grand daddy down south used to say, better start with hot water unless you want to drink tea in the spring.

paul48 (author)2017-09-17

Sounds like my sort of job....shame we're slipping into Winter though. There's always next year.

bbqandbeer (author)paul482017-09-17

PNW? sounds like it...

wells1784 (author)paul482017-09-17

Yeah that's true. I live in West Tennessee thought so it will be in the high 80's for a few more weeks. Planning on getting in several more batches before then!

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