Sun Tea Concentrate

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Ahh Spring!  In honor of Earth Day, I give you my easy sun tea concentrate recipe.   Now that the weather is warm and the sun is hot, it's time to make my favorite beverage: Sun Tea!  This is a great way to brew your own tea that creates no trash, no energy wastage, it tastes fresher than if you had boiled it in water and takes up very little room in your refrigerator.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

1 Glass jar. NOT plastic! This one used to contain pasta sauce. I'm not sure what size it is, but it's bigger than a quart.  Make sure you clean them out well so any lingering food odors don't invade your tea.

2 family size tea bags.  I'm using one green tea bag and one run of the mill orange pekoe.  You can use more, but I find that two works for me.  Basically, use however many bags you would normally use for a whole pitcher of tea.

Water: Enough to fill the jar.

A sunny day. 

Step 2: Step One: Assembly

Picture of Step One: Assembly
Fill up the jar to the top with water, and stick the tea bags in. The jar should be filled to the top.  Make sure the bags are submerged and that the strings hang over the edge.  You don't want the paper tabs dissolving in your tea.  

Place the cap on tightly The idea is to leave enough string in the jar so that the bags will float suspended in the water when inverted. This makes for more efficient brewing.
killerx1 year ago
I love this idea. Does it work with herbal tea?
Lost Moai (author)  killerx1 year ago
I don't see why it wouldn't. I've thought about painting just the bottom black to up the heat a little bit. That would help if your herbal tea isn't as dark as traditional "black" tea.
Ez-Kabob2 years ago
Oooh that looks so fun and tasty! When it gets warmer I shall definitely try that.
mguentz2 years ago
Nice idea. I was just lamenting the fact that I like brewed tea, but I'm about the only one who will drink it. This makes it easy. Thanks!
Lost Moai (author)  mguentz2 years ago
That's kind of what led me to start brewing tea this way. I like it this way, but my wife prefers decaf. Two pitchers of tea took up too much room in our fridge, so I made us each our own jar.
Thanks for the comment.