Picture of Sun dress  made from 3 mens shirts
shirtdress collage.JPG
This is a  versatile, comfortable sun dress you can make from 3 recycled men's shirts. It's inexpensive and has more coverage than the 1-shirt dress projects you  may have seen in other websites.
This tutorial will show 2 alternate ways to  make the  top of the dress, to accommodate different sewing skill levels and body types..
Make sure to read the whole tutorial all the way through before starting, so that you can skip the steps for the  bodice style you  are not making.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials needed:
First you need 3  men's long-sleeved shirts. You can get these from a thrift store, or recycle your husband or boyfriend's old shirts. It looks best if the 3 shirts are the same colors or patterns. (or very closely similar)
I chose 3 shirts with blue and white stripes,  the bodice has narrower stripes.

The dress uses 1 shirt for the bodice and 2 shirts for the  skirt, so if you want a contrasting skirt, then get 2 shirts in the skirt color and 1 shirt in the bodice color.
For example, if you wanted a dress with blue top and white skirts, you would need 1 blue shirt and 2 white shirts.

The shirt you choose for the bodice should be large on you, it needs to  be loose fitting.

You will also need basic sewing supplies:
scissors, thread, sewing machine, and optional elastic for one of the bodice options.

I have shown the dress accessorized with a purchased belt.
parisusa6 months ago

I love matching bias tape (especially homemade! Great instructions and cute design. I haven't attempted constructing clothes from a pattern - so this is right up my alley. Thank you for all the work you put into the photos, drawings and directions!

booboobear2 years ago
Thanks for the great instructable! You did a fantastic job of creating step by step directions. I plan to make the tank top version of this sundress. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
deChez2 years ago
What a great design. I love your up-scale re-style. Thanks for the inspiration...I'm going to give this a try.
q.piper2 years ago
Excellent design! And your instructions are very clear. Thanks for adding to my "must try this" list!
zurichko2 years ago
Oh my gosh so cute and it looks so easy! I think I'll try it...maybe color blocking or anything I can find at my local thrift! *Excited!*
eclipsed (author) 2 years ago
Thank you!
TooSoonOld2 years ago
Clever! The bodice options were an especially nice touch, and your directions are excellent.

Good luck!