Step 7: Sewing the Bodice: Option 2- Tank Style

Before you sew the bodice, you need to bind the  neck and armhole edges.
You will make some  double-fold bias binding from the sleeves of the shirts.

1. Cut off 2 sleeves from one of the  shirts.
2. Cut off the sleeve cuffs.
3. Cut the sleeve seam open, and open out the sleeve fabric flat.
4. Cut the sleeves on a 45 degree angle to create bias strips. The strips should be 1 1/2 inches wide. (about 4 cm)
<p>Great directions. Thank you. I am looking forward to making this to wear this spring and summer. Wahoo!!!!</p>
<p>I love matching bias tape (especially homemade! Great instructions and cute design. I haven't attempted constructing clothes from a pattern - so this is right up my alley. Thank you for all the work you put into the photos, drawings and directions!</p>
Thanks for the great instructable! You did a fantastic job of creating step by step directions. I plan to make the tank top version of this sundress. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
What a great design. I love your up-scale re-style. Thanks for the inspiration...I'm going to give this a try.
Excellent design! And your instructions are very clear. Thanks for adding to my &quot;must try this&quot; list! <br> :)
Oh my gosh so cute and it looks so easy! I think I'll try it...maybe color blocking or anything I can find at my local thrift! *Excited!*
Thank you!
Clever! The bodice options were an especially nice touch, and your directions are excellent. <br> <br>Good luck!

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