Sun Three Button RGB Light Doodler Mouse.





Introduction: Sun Three Button RGB Light Doodler Mouse.

I meet Lori Stotko and Stuart Nafey at this years Makers Faire Auditions.
They had these cool Light pens they had made to doodle with.
I decided to make some when I got home, and remembered the old Sun three buttoned mouse I had saved in my parts bin .

Step 1: Sun Mouse

Here is the mouse, I had removed the cable years back for so other project.

Step 2: Sun Mouse Opened.

Here is the mouse opened and the three buttons I will use.

Step 3: Removing All Hardware.

I decided to remove all unneeded hardware to make room for the battery holders.I also added a ground wire for the batteries.

Step 4: Battery Holders.

I am using two 2032 battery holders for power.

Step 5: LED Holder.

From my parts bin of old computer and electronic parts I found a 6 wire pin cable to connect the 3 LEDs to the switches .

Step 6: Soldering the 6 Wire Connector.

The six wire connector was soldered to the three switches and a common ground.

Step 7: Completed RGB Board.

Here is the board after soldering ready to test.

Step 8: Reassembiling Sun Mouse.

Now to see if it fits back in the casing.

Step 9: It Works!

Using the red LED that was in the mouse and adding the green and a blue I fired it up.
Success !

Step 10: Dont Forget the Camera Remote....

During the same build I made a remote for my Canon so I would not shake the camera while exposing the shot.

Step 11: Drawing in the Dark....

Make the room dark, (I waited for night) push the remote shutter, draw!
I found the Blue and Red were really over powered the green, perhaps I will put a pair of resistors
on those.also I could buy a RGB led with all the emitters in one , but this was made with parts "mined" for old Tech waste.



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