Picture of Sun three button RGB Light Doodler mouse.
I meet Lori Stotko and Stuart Nafey http://lightdoodles.com/ at this years Makers Faire Auditions.
They had these cool Light pens they had made to doodle with.
I decided to make some when I got home, and remembered the old Sun three buttoned mouse I had saved in my parts bin .

Step 1: Sun mouse

Picture of Sun mouse
Here is the mouse, I had removed the cable years back for so other project.
kentkb (author) 3 years ago
Other "Doodlers"
kentkb (author) 7 years ago
Canon rebel....any, on Craig's List
any one know where I can get a good SLR camera for really cheap? Im tired of using my current one that only allows me to do 15 seconds and i I have no remote for it :/
Very creative use of materials. nice instructable!
kentkb (author)  Orchestrapit7 years ago
I made this so the leds plug in to a small socket , and I can change them out for other colors, RGB seemed the nice starting point1
sweet, i think this calls for a trip to r-shack!
gmjhowe7 years ago
What a perfect use of that mouse, i absolutly love this! Perfect Job!
kentkb (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
I hate to throw out anything.... Just ask my wife Laurie. Thank you. KentKB
Cool! Nice instreuctable!
kentkb (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
It was fun to figure out. KentKB
Brennn107 years ago
Neat! I love light doodling.
kentkb (author)  Brennn107 years ago
Fun stuff huh? KentKB
UberPug7 years ago
that looks like an optical mouse from the 80s.. weird
kentkb (author)  UberPug7 years ago
It Is! Thanx, kentkb
ELF UberPug7 years ago
Oh yes, and that mouse goes nice with a dual core 64bit machine from the same time ;) That's Sun Microsystem's old standards. They were "ahead". There were some limitations though. The mouse reguires a special dotted mousepad :S
kentkb (author)  ELF7 years ago
Elf, That right! I remember the dotted mouse pad.... Thank you, Kent KB
ELF kentkb7 years ago
I used to have a 350Mhz sparkstation I think it was called.. Turned out one of the slot plates had fallen off inside it and short circuited the main board, frying just about all the components :( It was obsolete when I got it, but I'd still have loved to play with it... Something cool about running a 64bit system from "back then" :P
kentkb (author)  UberPug7 years ago
Yeah, I think this was a mouse from the mid 80's we had at the Opera, maybe a Spark 10? Kent KB
Done very neatly, great job. Light doodling rules. +1 rating and vote. (added to favorites)
kentkb (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thank you! You are very kind. kentkb
but how do i take the picture?
kentkb (author)  iamthemargerineman7 years ago
O4P I made a switch for my digital camera that allows me to hold the shutter open (Bulb) see step 10.... Thank you for the comment. kentkb