Sundial Cannon's where used in the past as a novel way of announcing noontime with a loud noise. It is essentially a sundial with a place for the small cannon or firecracker to light by using a magnifying glass. Thanks to miniature cannons being on sale  on Ebay you can also make your own.

Please use it responsibly and safely. 

Step 1: Gather the parts needed

One paver kit - $20(bought on sale 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby)

One Mini Cannon - $50 - http://www.pocketcannons.com/

One "Helping Hand with Magnifier - amazon($10 with shipping)

Old credit card

Sundial Template (search sundial generator)

Paint or Markers

optional(spray paint to protect "Helping Hand" from rusting outside)

Also scissors and a small wrench 
haha! i have a &quot;my panera&quot; member card sitting right next to my computer (i found mine in a parking lot, though.) and when i saw your picture there was a moment of &quot;why does that card look so familiar?&quot;.<br><br>great 'ible, i'm definitely willing to try this... but i don't think my neighbors will like me, if i do.

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