This great Sun catcher is made from a 20oz soda bottle.

Why do I make these? Well personally I think they are so cute. My boys love them. My oldest son helps me make them, and they helped teach him the word "fish." Even my husband will toss me an empty soda bottle and say "Here is another fish."

They can be made into a mobile or used in a window as a sun catcher. They are very easy to make. If you are doing this project with children, you should do some of the beginning steps ahead of time. It really depends on the kids how many you need to do ahead.

WARNING:: This Instructable uses scissors, knives and spray paint. Please take the proper safety measures when working with these tools.

Step 1: Gathter Your Supplies

You will need:

20oz Soda Bottle
Knife (I use an xacto knife)
Adhesive Remover
Plastic Primer
Spray Paint
I love the idea, and I like the final product. ***1/2
this is really really cool!
I will be adding an updated version of this instruct able for the Krylon Contest. The new version will not be using soda bottles, but tea bottles! Keep your eyes peeled, and please vote for it!

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