Picture of Sunday Brunch Salmon and Eggs
Deceptively simple recipe for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Pretty damn delicious, but can be hard to nail. Here are a few tips.

Step 1: Crack eggs into bowl.

Picture of Crack eggs into bowl.
A friend of mine who's a cook recommended breaking eggs against the bottom or side of the mixing bowl rather than the edge; he claims there's less of a chance of getting eggshell in the egg mixture, and so far I've found him to be right.
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treehog10 months ago

Am I the only one that cringes when seeing that metal spatula in the non-stick pan?


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Looks really tasty! (that makes me the first person to comment on the first instructable without the comment being about it being the first instructable!)
1st instructable?
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is this really the first instructable ever?
If so, then yours is the first comment on the first instructable!
You have the first comment on the first comment of the first instructable.
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First 'Ible ever? Awesome!
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The funny thing is, most people probably wouldn't have noticed this if weren't the first Instructable. (By the way HAS anyone made this?)
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And it's the first i'ble ever created!  
It is?
yea, it is
The world's first Instructable and this guy's not even a pro! He needs to be rewarded for his discovery of this site. A true pioneer.
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OMG i cant believe i just found the first ible ever this is so cool!!!
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Ahhh, reminds me of "the Fat Lady" in Oakland. I admit, after the first time I had it there I went home and made it myself!
Bartboy6 years ago
Why did this come up under recent?
To get light, fluffy scrambled eggs, you need enough oil to thinly coat most of the bottom of the pan. There should be enough oil in the pan that when you pour the egg directly into the center of the oil puddle, it spreads out and does not touch bare pan. I like butter for this, both for the flavor and for how it spreads in the pan. Olive oil retains too much viscosity for my liking. Then, don't touch the eggs. Just don't. A spatula should never touch your eggs. Flip it with a toss. It's all in the wrist. Give it a bump forward, and as the egg is about to fall out of the pan, give the end of the pan a flick upward to redirect the egg over itself and back into the pan. You can practice with the heal from a loaf of bread. It's important to do it this way because it locks in the air that you whisked in previously. If you use the spatula, you'll disturb the air and flatten the egg. Pan flipping is the only way to cook eggs. Yes, if you get good enough, you can even do over-easy with the flip. I personally find it easier to pan flip than to spatula flip, because the spatula has to be found, then wiggled under the egg, and then turned, whereas the pan flip is one quick motion with no extra utensils.
very nice they should have a tastiest breakfast contest
bylerfamily6 years ago
Awesome!This is the very first ible ever!
Man you beat me to it
Yay!Finally!I beat someone at something.
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Did arwen ever actually send back that Netflix? Or is it still sitting on his breakfast table?
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Great, the first instructable, how interesting. Hmm
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This dish looks good.. And I amazed that your first instructable ever has very little views..

5 stars! To help you get more views...
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The Jamalam7 years ago
is this the very first instructable ever?
Derin6 years ago
first instructable ever!
dsman1952767 years ago
i dont understand how this only has 1000 views. it has been around for a long time.
i do. this was the 1st ible posted, and not many ppl had an account back then. this was soon forgotten.
i'm suprised it only has 14 comments.
it's 16 because you forgot to add your self. :-)
it has been here for so long and it tastes damn good. like dsman said i really dont understand how there an only be so few views. anyway...+1
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Almost 2,000 views now (1,930 views)
n8man7 years ago
First Instructable ever, nice
Wow! The first ible ever!
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The first Instructable of 13,837.
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