Picture of Sunflower Nails
I am totally in love with design! It's super cute, and perfect for the summer! It's super easy to do and it looks so fancy! This step-by-step instructable will tell you exactly how to do this! Please feel free to rate and comment- It'd really make my day! Also, check out my other designs! Like what you see? Follow me :) Thank you and enjoy!

Step 1: Materials..

Picture of Materials..
I used these for design, but I think it'd be super cute to use a black instead of the blue if you're going for an edgier design.
ninjachimp099 months ago
my mom would love this she loves sunflowers
These are adorable! Do you have a daisy tattoo on your toe?
kallan112 years ago
Very cool! What's you're tattoo of?
ashbegash3 years ago
rrkrose3 years ago
These are amazing! I haven't seen anything like this before and the best part is I have all the colors!