This instructable will show you how to make a sunglass case out of maple using a CNC Router. When I was a kid my dad used to have a really nice eyeglass case carved out of wood. I still remember how beautifully crafted and how nice it was to touch and grab it. I always thought about making a case for myself but never had the patience to do it by hand but when I discovered the CNC Router I knew it was something I was going to make.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the results and plan to experiment other 3D surfacing with the Shopbot. Hope you follow along step by step. Bellow is a short preview to get you excited:

Step 1: Design

The concept behind this design was to make a block with facets trying to remove as much material as possible but still make it suitable for my sunglasses to fit inside. By facets I mean having all of the faces flat. I first designed a few versions which I 3D printed to test out the size and make sure they work with my glasses. I'm including the STL file so you can do the same.

I used a 3D software called Rhinoceros to model the case. If you want to edit the design on Rhinoceros I'm also including the 3DM file for you to edit.

Files included:

  • Sunglass.3dm: is the Rhino with the 3D model
  • sunglass.stl: for a 3d preview on this site and if you want to 3d print a version to make sure your glasses fit.
<p>beautiful work, and great instructable! </p>
<p>i love it! i would love to make one but the only problem is that i can't find the file for the outside of the halfs... help?</p>
<p>Ya great idea. I'll have to give it a try on my CNC. </p>
<p>Very nice idea, it turned out beautiful!</p>
<p>Thanks! </p>

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