Sunglasses Display


Introduction: Sunglasses Display

Cute easy way to display sunglasses! Took me maybe 20 minutes and that was making this instruct able and the display as I went!

Step 1: Supplies

Old wooden frame- I used one I got from Michael's for about $1, Whatever color paint you want- I chose purple from a paint I got at Walmart for 57 cents, String- I used shoelaces I never used, Hot glue, And Lots of sunglasses you need to display- I actually collect wayfarers, (Dachshund is optional)

Step 2: Paint Your Frame

Mine was a wooden frame and that's the paint I used. For the color to turn out well I used 2 coats of the paint.

Step 3: Decide the Rows

On the back of your frame mark the best place for the string to go across at.

Step 4: Add the String

Assuming you preheated your gun, glue the string to the back of your frame. Cut the excess string. Make sure the string is tight enough to actually hold the glasses.

Step 5: Display Your Sunglasses!



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    Nice- looks great, shows off your sunglasses and the sunglasses don't get scratched!