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I wanted a way to decorate using sunglasses... Because my daughters new bedspread had sunglasses on it. I couldn't quite find anything I loved so I came up with this!

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Gather adorable sunglasses.

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The people that lived in my house prior left a bunch of old frames behind. So I had a few free ones to choose from! Remove whatever backing and also the glass contained in the frame. (I saved the glass for future projects). Paint frame your desired color. I used a purple and then added glitter!

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Gather a staple gun, and some thin jewelry making wire. It's hard too see but mine is fuchsia to match the pink and purple theme.

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Now here comes the staple gun! For each place the wire is bound to the frame I used three staples. Start by having about 3-4 fingers width of overlap on either aide of the frame. The first staple goes close to the outside perimeter.

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Once the staple is in bend back the extra wire and staple again, but this time on the inner perimeter.

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Bend that back as well and get ready for your last staple!

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Staple in between existing staples and bend the wire back once more! Repeat this on the other side as well.

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Here's what it looked like on my frame (you can see how ugly it was prior to painting) and for the sizing of this frame and the cute tiny kid frames I had three rows of wire.

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Flip your beautiful frame around and add your glasses! Functional art!


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