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Introduction: Sunglasses Strap

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If you need to keep your sunglasses from falling off your head, just grab a few rubber bands.

Step 1: What You Need

I was heading out on a bachelor trip where we were going whitewater rafting so I needed some way of keeping sunglasses from falling into the water. I didn't want to buy a Croakies-style strap I'd use only once and I didn't care how I'd look.

So get:
1 cheap pair of sunglasses. Or nice ones, but mine always break so I get cheap ones.
4-5 rubber bands. My mail comes banded with these every day so I have a bunch.

Step 2: Linking the Chain

Now you chain the rubber bands together. To do this, stick one rubber band inside the other and, reaching through that one, grab the other and pull it through. Just look at the pictures.

Repeat until all of the rubber bands are in a chain.

Step 3: Attaching to the Arms

Attaching the rubber bands to the arms is tricky to explain so check out the image below.

First, you'll be folding the rubber band back down and reaching through to grab the rest of it.

Second, thread the arm through the rubber band so that the band is looped to itself when you let go with your hands.

Third, pull on the band and get it tight. This can take quite a bit of finessing since the rubber grips the arm something fierce. Keep trying, have faith, and keep pulling without breaking.

Step 4: Finish Up and Look Classy

Before attaching to the other arm, try the glasses on to see if you need to add or remove a rubber band fo a better fit. Remember to have a good amount of slack. These are meant for keeping the glasses from getting lost, not keeping them ultra-tight against your head. When everything's good, just loop it around.

My glasses held on fine for the two-hour ride, but since I didn't get thrown over I didn't get to stress test them. It was my first rafting trip and we all had a blast.



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    This seems to be something I have planned for my sunglasses. My approach is little bit different and straps should pull glasses a little to keep them on my face while having high speed sports (cycling, skiing, running etc.). My glasses needs also a piece of cloth based tape to prevent glasses to drain out of my nose, the grip is, well, it isn't. I have planned something like ice hockey tape. Let's see what I get ready, if I get ready with this idea.

    it would be fun to walk up to someone wearing those and pull the glasses way back before letting them go, heheh.

    1 reply

    yes i used this when i was white water kayaking on the new river. It worked for then

    wow verry getto i wuv it

    Did you actually read anything before making a comment? These are meant for replacing the Croakies type of strap and are for catching them if they fall off, not to keep them locked onto your head. I'll clear up the text if that helps, but then you wouldn't read it anyway. I'll do it for the others. BTW, I tried it for a couple of hours and it worked fine.

    wow! great idea! especially if you want to rip every hair out of your head! Have you actually _tried_ using these? Talking as someone who used to have long hair, there is a reason you get the snagless hair ties as opposed to just using a rubber band :P

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    Good story to go with a pretty neat idea!