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I have about 14 pairs of sunglasses kicking about and thought they could do with somewhere to display them rather than sat in an old Tesco carrier bag! 
What can I say? Women collect shoes, I err, collect sunglasses!

Step 1:

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With all these pairs everywhere, not forgetting the Harley Davidson helmet of course, I'm going to need a fairly substantial rack to hold this lot.
First I counted all my pairs and added 2 for when I inevitably buy more pairs!
Then I found the largest pair and the smallest pair and offered them up against each other.
tobychan (author) 3 years ago
Many thanks for the comments!
It's a Harley Davidson helmet (not UK road legal). And yep the goggles came with the helmet. You can pull them down over your eyes! Haha :D
LucDaRocka13 years ago
dude i love that hat with the goggles.... is that a jockey hat? as in horse racing
coppeis3 years ago
What are the glasses on the helmet? Are they part of it or what? And what are they called?