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Introduction: Sunny Side Up Peach

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Time for easter and April-Fools!

So today I will show you how to make this delicious, easy and quick healthy "Sunny side up egg".

It's really easy!

Try it!

Step 1: What You Will Need


All you really need for this is some canned peaches and white yoghurt.

You can use natural yoghurt or some flavoured. As you prefer.

If you want to continue the trick, you will need some sugar and vanilla, or cinnamon and some empty salt and pepper shakers.

Step 2: Egg Yolk

For our egg-yolk we need the peaches.

Cut a thin layer off your peach's round side, so it looks like an egg-yolk.

Eat the rest of your peach :D Yumm!

Step 3: Egg-white

Open your yoghurt and put some on a plate.

Flatten it out with a small spoon to make it look like fried egg-white.

Step 4: Put It Together

Now carefully take your peach-yolk and put it in the centre of your yoghurt-white.

Doesn't it look great?

Step 5: Preparing the Shakers

Take your salt-shaker and fill it with sugar.

Take your pepper-shaker and fill it with Vanilla or Cinnamon.

Step 6: Season Your Egg

In front of your watchers season your egg with salt and pepper and dig in. ;)

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    Thank you! :D

    It is not. I swear. I ate it and it tasted nothing like egg. ;)

    Try it. It's super easy. And it tastes good too... Just not like egg... Not at all like egg. More like... Uhm... Peach and yoghurt... ;)

    Well, that's why it runs in the "deceptive" contest ;)

    When I saw this, I though, "How is this a desert? It's just a sunny side up egg." Then I saw the title! It really looks like an egg! It looks delicious.

    Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you like it :D