Introduction: Sunny Day Shirt Upcycle

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I'm gonna show you how to make this fashionable blouse using just a simple T you don't want anymore.

Step 1: Cut Your Top

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what you'll need:

1 a shirt

2 scissors

3 a ruler

3 Rope, string, or any material that can be manipulated into string.

4 needle and thread,or a sewing machine, or fabric glue

Cut the neckline of your shirt off, and where your arms should Be...

Step 2: Sewing

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unfold so you can see the full shirt again and fold the upper front piece of your shirt, and then fold it the other direction. then while still keeping it in that position, sew the top. This will form the loop where your string 'll go through and so you'll have a nice look in the front. You can use fabric glue, hand sew, or , us a machine, as I did. whatever is convenient for you. Do this to both sides.

Step 3: Outcome

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When you flip it over, it should look like this...

Step 4: String

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you can use rope, or even a thick yarn, but I used some scraps from another piece of clothing and sewed it together. You can also make a shirt braid or just do it simple.

Step 5: Assembling

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Push a clothes pin into your piece of string and slip it through the loop you made in the previous step. Put it through both loops, and tie it in a knot or bow..

Step 6: Fringes

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Fold your shirt in half again, and cut a diagonal line as the picture show. It doesn’t matter which way you have the shirt, but the diagonal line has to be the exact same direction as in the picture. Fold back, and it should look like the 2nd to last picture... If it looks like the last picture, then switch the diagonal line to the other direction... As you can see, I messed up too... but it still looks nice

Step 7: Last

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Cut Your fringes as long or thick as you want, and that's it. Comment, or make it. I want to see how yours came out


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