I wanted to make something that reminded me of the sun. Summer has closed and fall is here. Why not have a piece of sunshine you can take anywhere. The pattern is a very simple motif I came up with while doodling with my needle and thread. Maybe I'll come up with a moon pattern to match.

Step 1: Supplies

Crochet Cotton size 10 [I used Aunt Lydia's Goldenrod Yellow]
*Jump Ring
*Focal Bead
** is for optional step

Needle Threader
Size five Tatting Needle or a tatting shuttle
Pressing Cloth.

Yay! So pretty! I use that same spray starch too. Go tatters!
<p>is there a trick in knowing how long the 'tail' has to be? (the end you're mostly not tatting with)</p>
<p>I tend to work with a long tail just incase i need more than usual. </p>
Great ideas for them!!! I might make a few for my tree this year. I need to see if i have variegated red-orange thread. Needle tatting is fun! I learned from Totusmel and Penolopy here on Instructables. They have some great projects snowflakes, spiders, necklaces, bracelets and even masks..
That's really pretty. I've never done needle tatting before--I thought that was crochet--really, really neat crochet. I love the stone inside. You could hang it in a window, or on a Christmas tree!
Thank you! I feel the same way so many projects!!!! So little time. I working drafting Moon pattern.
Thank you!!!! ^_^!!! I'm so glad you like it! I've been tatting up some of your spiders!
Beautiful! If I wasn't so busy getting my embroidry piece done, I would make one with shuttles. I have the yellow thread. What I am really itching to do is some candlewicking. So many choices so little time.

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