This is a lot of fun and very cheap.

Here is a 20ft hula hoop with a 30 foot hoop.... it hurts my tummy.

Much more...



Step 1: Materials:

Plastic electrical conduit. 

It is 10 feet long and has a flare at one end that makes it a connector. (Also - I want this sweet pvc cutter)
Best luck with 2 pieces of 3/4" 

3 pieces did not stay together but could be glued with PVC cement (the 2 part stuff that smells terrible)

A regular size hoop can be made with a 1/2" piece.

The conduit costs a dollar or two per piece.  It is extremely rugged stuff.
Is there a way to make this more stable? I'm wanting to use it as a base for hanging a large diy canopy. Thanks in advanced!
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Cool! Thanks Blake.
Your video was an inspiration, and it was fun and felt silly, especially spinning it up the first time. Thanks. What does your dog do when you're hooping?<br> <br> I used a little over 20 feet of 1 inch inside diameter inch high pressure polyethylene line (the kind they use for submersible well pumps), and held it together at the ends with a scrap of 1 inch outside diameter plastic pipe and a few turns of gaffer's tape.<br> <br> You're hooping at about 95 RPM, and mine is comfortable at about 60 RPM. I suspect mine is a little heavier.
my dog just watches -- she is laid-back <br> <br>I've gotta' think about hoop size/weight vs RPM. I think is the size, with bigger slower. Heavier hoops seem easier.... angular momentum?
Hoop physics! <br>I've got some sunburned plastic electrical conduit lying around, so I'll give it a try, and see if the light-versus-heavy thing makes sense. <br>I think rigid is important in a hoop, and slower is better than faster for me, because my hips don't move that way very easily or very fast :-) <br>
If your like me you could add&quot;anymore&quot; at the end of your comment. Ain't getting old FUN! ;-) <br>
here is a 20ft and 30ft at the same time <a href="http://youtu.be/g8FniiVZVb4" rel="nofollow">http://youtu.be/g8FniiVZVb4</a>
Thanks, Awesome! I added a video with a 30feet of conduit, I had to glue it together with PVC <a href="https://youtu.be/nTAWeofNgFU" rel="nofollow">cement. http://youtu.be/nTAWeofNgFU</a>
How big can you go? <br> <br>You are nuts.
30ft is hard to keep up, but I can do a few hulas. Haven't tired 40ft.
the best! what a better work out. I've been frustrated buying hoops at venice beach that have no weight. This is so much better and without the noise of bearings, but I actually might add them anyway. thank you!
That's awesome. Look at all those toys! Agree Father's Day award
so cool. I did not expect it to actually go round! love it. and voted
How fun!
You should enter this in the Father's Day contest. This is my favorite kind of project. Cheap easy cool.
Thanks! - it should show up there eventually.
Whaaaat? This is fantastic! :D
are you able to see the video?
I wasn't before, but I fixed it for you! HOORAY
Thanks! It is endless fun.
Love it, simple and well done

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