Supah Chair .... Part 1





Introduction: Supah Chair .... Part 1

How to make a 55 gallon plastic drum into a supah beach or camp fire chair , complete with built in cooler, cupholder , umbrella holder , sound system , and many more self contained amenities. All from salvaged or yard sale item. This is part 1 due the incredible complexities and shortage of quality junk at the local dump.

Step 1:

1st thing you need is the donor (aka the barrel), and the reason for making the supah chair (aka the crappy fold up chair)

Step 2:

step 2 is all about measuring , for the perfect sitting experience , the height - seating ratio must be perfect : bh+-ld=LBp ( butt height + - leg dangle = lean back percentage),
so transferring all your measurements from your model chair to the barrel is very important

Step 3:

adding the options is next, getting too the beach or camp fire with the cooler/base full of ice and frosties with out spillage is of the upmost importance. so proper handles need to be installed

Step 4:

once there easy access and total comfort is the ultimate goal , as this is an instructable from recycled and discarded items, I need to replenish my supplies to continue............future options include but not limited to arm rests w/cup holders , sound system , an umbrella , foot rest , butt cushions and back cushions , wheels for rough terrain, and most important of all the cooler w/drain and a dry storage for sandwiches and chips



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    Where do these barrels come from???

    you can get these from almost any garden center, or on craig's list

    This is great I'm saving the instructions for my father-in-law. He has bunches of these barrels. Thanks.

    This looks a lot like something my Uncle Harold would do/try. lol

    you did good!

    like someone else said tho, you need more description in what to do for each step.

    how much waste ws there? alot? just a little bit?

    what did you do with the waste?

    This is just a sample of what myself & others are wondering about....

    over all tho, you did good. 4 stars 8=)

    use a torch it's faster and makes for a better rounded edge

    I know you're trying to use all recycled materials, but for very little cost you could go to Home Depot or Lowes and get the foam insulation for pipes (the type that has a slit down the length of it with adhesive already on it as well) and stick that on the arm rests.

    A buddy of mine is supposed to show me how to do something similar to contain my camping toilet (for a clean travel home from the site.)

    Love the idea and the pics are great... a little more description for each cutting and assembly step (like in Monkeybrad's Instructable) would be helpful and appreciated for us novices. Thanks for the Instructable.

    Great idea especially the ice chest addition. The good thing is, if you are the beer guy all you need to do is stay seated so no one can get to it. It would have been great if you worked a little on making the arm rests more comfortable. Over all You deserve a strait 5 stars from me. Thank you

    Be a good chair for an outhouse too.