Super Auto Robotic (Plug & Play)




Introduction: Super Auto Robotic (Plug & Play)

Better looking, fun, funny, edutainment anyone. Please enjoy some part of plug and play of possible whatever you/we have at home or office.

Step 1: Firstly, We Need a Powerbank.

Just for recycle energy, not for extra cost. We can make it having two eyes. Here with blue and red colors. Better having fun with extra security to avoid someone stepping on it. Safety first. Direct current.

Step 2: Secondly, We Need a Toy or a Motion With Wheels Robot or Auto Motion Device.

Just like a toy, it can move fast and able to roll the surrounding area.

Step 3: Just Add a Mouse or Two Mouse With Working Leds.

Light up our room or else.

Step 4: Turn It On. Here We Go, Moving With the Glorious Light for More Than Half an Hour or Whatever.

Please enjoy a short video/demo here.

Thanks for your time and support. Vote for favor....


Please support me for more and more , 'plug and play' idea for your home, entertainment, office or somewhere as you wish.



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