Picture of Super Awesome K nex Mini Bow!!
In this instructable, I'm going to show you how to make a knex mini bow. This is one of my first instructables, so please go easy on me!! Seriously,I mean it.:P

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
Be sure to get all of the parts in the picture. Remember, not all of the parts have to be the same color, just the same size and shape of them.
arrow shot6 years ago
there are like a thousnad of these. This one is one of the good ones of the minibows but we have enough. Cant somebody make big bows? There are only like 2 on the website
Is that including this one? Seems big(if not heavy) enough =d
2nd picture was a failed conversion to crossbow...might actually use this type of bow on a crossbow sometime =o
idream Wicky4 years ago
just finished it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:
I'm workingon a 4foot bow that with the right rubber bands will fire200 feet,if every thing goes right.
which 2 bows?
spire_mk4 years ago
I get the steps just this website makes things all fuzzy.
spire_mk4 years ago
It's good because it's small. But how do you do the 4th step?
I REALY like your idea I think you should step it up a notch though.
knexfan91826 years ago
Not bad but don't post stuff with super awesome in the name.
General Eggs (author)  knexfan91824 years ago
hey, it got your attention didn't it?
iamGEO6 years ago
How in the world did you do this step ><
General Eggs (author)  iamGEO6 years ago
It's one of the hard steps, and it's hard to explain
Maybe thats why im asking ==
Is it one long rubber band or is it two? because you said stretch two but i dont see how you can do that ><
do you have more pictures on different angles?
General Eggs (author)  iamGEO6 years ago
it's two rubber bands right next to each other, wrapped around the same way. sry, the rubber bands look wierd because I liked the look of them.
bighead54546 years ago
nevermind the system didnt woork half the time and i already totaled it so sorry no pic but i did mod the bow into a crosssbow type thing with a pullpin firing mechanism if you want pic then iwill upload some
bighead54546 years ago
hey this is awesome and also while ago i was modding it and sccidentally came up with a NEW trieeger system it is called the TT systm (Twister Trigger System ) you basically well kinda hard to explain want me to post smoe pics?
I have not got any k-nex were do you know were to get them from ?
ebay i got 5000 the for what i would pay for 1000 on knex.com
General Eggs (author)  mattyandchloe6 years ago
You can get them at stores like Target, and Toys R Us.
oww, thank you. i will go buy some in a few days.
DJ Radio6 years ago
looks novel, its a bit average. 3.5*
pls6 years ago
Not to bad, bows like this are nice, Great instructable!
grevious6 years ago
first view so uhh... atleast you didnt post a block trigger as your first weapon :D