This is fun quick project that only took 5 mins to build and hours of fun and all you need is a toy car, and rocket engines of course. This past Sunday I was very bored with nothing to do so I decided I am going to build a SUPER AWESOME ROCKET CAR! I took a trip to the local toy store with my shopping list. 1. Hot Wheels .99 cents Car  2. Rockets $7.99. Me blasting a toy car into space Priceless. So after my trip to the store i took my little car out of the box and drilled a 5/8 hole to house the rocket. With a little push the rocket found itself a new home. It was ready for launch. One small trip later to a remote part of town to make sure nobody was in harms way I found myself launching my SUPER AWESOME ROCKET CAR. Here is some raw footage form some of the tests. Longest flight of the car was 350ft "Beat That"

that car is the best for jets <br>just watching the vid on my phone and you sond like you woull do that again <br>

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