Super Awesome Rocket Car!





Introduction: Super Awesome Rocket Car!

This is fun quick project that only took 5 mins to build and hours of fun and all you need is a toy car, and rocket engines of course. This past Sunday I was very bored with nothing to do so I decided I am going to build a SUPER AWESOME ROCKET CAR! I took a trip to the local toy store with my shopping list. 1. Hot Wheels .99 cents Car  2. Rockets $7.99. Me blasting a toy car into space Priceless. So after my trip to the store i took my little car out of the box and drilled a 5/8 hole to house the rocket. With a little push the rocket found itself a new home. It was ready for launch. One small trip later to a remote part of town to make sure nobody was in harms way I found myself launching my SUPER AWESOME ROCKET CAR. Here is some raw footage form some of the tests. Longest flight of the car was 350ft "Beat That"



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    that car is the best for jets
    just watching the vid on my phone and you sond like you woull do that again