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Introduction: Super Blue-tack!

People use blue-tack all the time. At home, school, office etc. But have you ever wondered how to make it "super" tack? Its a simple, quick and very effective method to use original Blue-tack to make Super-tack. Have fun!

*Warning! This may be poisonous! DO NOT EAT!

Step 1: Materials...

-Some Blue-tack (The more The merrier)

-Any thing that has oil.(Oil pastels are the best. You can use hair cream)

-A working surface.

-Gloves (optional)

* If you are using something like baby oil, use in a VERY small amount. Or else you will see the fate.

Step 2: Mix It!

If its oil pastels you are using, you should try to stir the Blue-tack with the pastel. This is cool because you get to choose a color for your Super-tack. If you are using cream or baby oil, just flatten the Blue-tack and pour just a drop of it at first. Then try to roll or fold the Blue tack so that the cream/oil goes inside it. Now pull the tack. You should immediately see that its easier to stretch. After the tack has absorbed the oil, check the stickiness. if its sticky enough well done! If it is not, just repeat this step.

Step 3: Have Fun!

Now that you have your own Super-Tack™ just wiggle it around. Throw it at a wall. Just do anything with it. Even a small amount of Super-Tack™ will please you! Sorry I can upload a video of me going crazy with it because my camera is broken. Please rate and leave a comment. Its you, who can make the brand new Super-Tack better! :) Have fun! (:



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For years I have been mixing Blu-Tack with Plasticene (plastic clay).
I find it easier to work with, but if used for something porous (posters etc) it leaves a very strong oil stain :S

Try mixing it with hair cream :)