Introduction: Super Bookmarks

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We receive at least a dozen envelopes full of junk mail each week.  You can use these envelopes to make super bookmarks.

Step 1: Cut Off the Flap.

Picture of Cut Off the Flap.

Cut parallel to the long edge.

Step 2: Separate Factory Corners.

Picture of Separate Factory Corners.

Cut along the dotted line.

Step 3: Open the Factory Corners.

Picture of Open the Factory Corners.

Snip off at a 45 so page corners can stick out.

Step 4: Mark the Margins

Picture of Mark the Margins

Put half a dozen pages in the factory corner.  Mark the top and left margins so the text will show with the bookmark in place.

Step 5: Cut Away to the Margins.

Picture of Cut Away to the Margins.

Cut the top surface so the bookmark doesn't cover the text.

Step 6: View of the Back.

Picture of View of the Back.

This picture shows the back of the bookmark.

Step 7: How to Use the Super Bookmark

As you turn pages, put them into the bookmark.  When the bookmark fills up, take some pages out.


drissel (author)2015-09-07


Please feel free to use my I-ble any way you wish.


rwong15 (author)2013-12-21

I have a bookmark similar to your bookmark. I would like you to make an instruction about it. You don't even need to mention me but just let me use your instruction in the future, please!

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