Introduction: Old Flashlight to LED Conversion.

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I decided To build this flashlight to eliminate those battery wasting incandescent flashlights. This version uses 3 Batteries, and some simple circuitry. Also watch till the end of the video for the update and me explaining not to use 3 batteries. Thanks, and consider subscribing to catch more. Cheers.

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johnpdo (author)2016-07-14

where is the video?

AleemA1 (author)johnpdo2016-07-15

it shows up as the second image

johnpdo (author)AleemA12016-07-15

sorry. when I click on the 2nd image it just gets bigger. no video starts and no link on that page. glad you posted it in the reply.

AleemA1 (author)johnpdo2016-07-15

other people have seemed to see the video. Copy and paste this link into your browser.

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