Create your own Super Bright LED-lined sneakers that blink with multiple patterns.


- 1 color LEDs
- 6 patterns
- reed sensors + magnets that give you control to step through patterns
- detachable velcro design
- small, wearable microcontroller + power

Step 1: Parts & Tools

Super Bright LEDs (35 or more per sneaker, depending on shoe size)
120 Ohm resistors (1 or every LED, ohm-age flexible)
Electrical Tape
Sticky Back Velcro
2 RBBB (Really Bare Bones Board Arduino)
2 Slde switches
24 gauge bare wire
2 Reed Sensors
2 6V (medical) batteries
2 AA plastic battery holders
Servo wire & connectors
2 Neodymium magnets
2 iPod nano arm bands
Spare piece of plastic (approx 1"x1")

Tape measure
Awl, pin, or something to poke a hole with
Soldering station (iron & solder)
Needle-nose pliers
5 minute Epoxy
Mini hand saw

Arduino code:

Just an FYI....when you download the .pde file, it will be a .tmp file. Just rename it and add the extension .pde before opening up in Arduino.
Thanks for the Instructable, it was supper helpful! I made similar ones for my graduation, they came out great! I modified them a little bit by alternating the LEDS so I could have two &quot;channels&quot; to control the flashing, it made it more interesting. I modified the code so that the alternating LEDs would blink opposite each other, and fade opposite each other. By just adding an extra variable, it really changes a lot of things you can do. I wore them during graduation and everyone thought they were great! When my pic was taken with the President of the College, instead of looking into the camera, he was looking at my flashing shoes! <br> <br>
Wow that sounds awesome!!! If you have it online, please send me a link.<br>J
Sure, go here: http://boscopsoultrane.blogspot.com/ <br> <br>The video ain't great, but it shows what's going on.
Is that a clear breadboard?
Thats awesome! where did you get it?
If you're talking about the Reed Sensor's components, this image may help you: http://tekdevice.com/chapter2/index.php?route=product/product&amp;product_id=59<br><br>It's a self-contained unit. There's not much to it, just a protected Reed Switch (the red thing) and a small PCB with 3 wires coming off of it.<br><br>If you mean the places on the sneaker where I installed the Reed Sensors, see the photos in step 18.<br><br>Hope this helps!
Would it be possible to show areas in which your installing the components? Just some different angle shots would be cool :)
Amazing!!! That's the kind of thing we need on the dancefloor, starting right now!!
EL wire would work very well with this project, glowire.com is usually where I go but there are several other sites you can go to to buy the stuff, you would need to buy two inverters with the wire.
awesome.<br> <br> i would suggest pointing them down at the ground. &nbsp;maybe even using those cylinder housings to focus the light better. &nbsp;it would fade a bit as you step, then come back into focus when you put your foot down.
Hia! I love you idea but what it really on my mind is what kind of c1rcas are those and if i could get them in mens sizes
i might the loop vecro for the lights and the soft velcro on the shoes. <br>wen the lights are not attached ,the loops will pick up Everything on the carpet ,etc.<br>
Awesome! Don't the LEDs catch on each other as you walk?
Thanks! ...No, I haven't had any LEDs catch or crash into each other. There is plenty of space between to walk normally (at least in my experience).

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