Super Cheap Portfolio With Duct Tape Latches





Introduction: Super Cheap Portfolio With Duct Tape Latches

So you want to carry your drawings or other flat pieces of art around, but you don't want to spend a lot of money on something you'll use once? With just a couple of pieces of cardboard or masonite and some duct tape you'll be ready to go in a couple minutes.

Step 1: Materials

Get two boards that are a few inches longer and wider than what you plan to carry and some duct tape. I'm using a couple pieces of masonite here, but you can easily just cut a couple pieces of cardboard. It works just as well.

Step 2: The First Piece of Tape

Tear off a strip of duct tape that is a little bit longer than the tape is wide.

Step 3: Stick It Down!

Place the duct tape along the middle of one of the sides of one of the boards. Make sure that the edge of the duct tape is along the edge of the board.

Step 4: Piece of Tape 2: the Latch

Tear off another piece of duct tape that's a little longer than the first one and fold back 1/4" of the edge. Squeeze it to make sure it's flat.

Step 5: Get the Boards Ready

Line up the two boards so there's no overlap.

Step 6: Attach the Latch

After flipping the boards over, attach the second piece of duct tape so that half of it is over the edge. This should be aligned with the first piece you put down on the other side.

Step 7: Fold and Attach

Wrap the latch piece around the edge and onto the first piece of tape on the other side.

Press it down and you've made a reusable duct tape latch! This won't last forever, but it'll work a few times. You can always use a new piece of duct tape if it loses its stickiness.

Step 8: Repeat and Finish

Add two more latches to two other sides and use a long piece of duct tape to secure one of the long sides to become a permanent hinge. As permanent as any of this needs to be, that is.

You can now place some art in there or other documents. For extra security, wrap up the art in a larger piece of paper first.

There you go. Now get out there and share your visions with the world without dropping a wad of cash on a portfolio.

Feel free to paint it if you want since you're so creative.



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    office/alligator clips also work well instead of the duct tape latches. Fully removable and they last longer!

    OOH! I've gotta bring an acrylic etching I made back @ Labs to school tomorrow! Thanks so much!

    Cool. Now you have to take a picture of it and share it with us!

    It's coming soon ;) There will be an 'Ible!

    Nice idea. We used to do this in my art classes because it's so easy. I've also done stuff like this on a smaller scale to house things drawn and sketched in charcoal and the like - that way you don't end up with a smudgy drawing and lots of rub off on your other pieces. :)

    Totally. It's an old trick, but sometimes you do it and people get all excited about it.

    This would be great for toting photos to and from school. Thanks!