Keep Your Essential Shop Tools Organized and Accessible - Easy and Cheap!




Introduction: Keep Your Essential Shop Tools Organized and Accessible - Easy and Cheap!

In our shop we have different sections that are somewhat reserved for different types of tools (we have an air tools area, welding area, chop saw/table saw area, etc etc). I like to have a quick access set of the basic shop tools handy in each section. Over the years I've somehow accumulated many multiples of basic shop necessities; tape measures, pens, pencil, quick squares etc. but I'll be darned if I can ever find one when I need it.

I had been planning on making a series of small wooden pouches and installing them in each area when it occurred to me that companies have already made similar tool pouches - for a tool belt! I waited until my local hardware store had a sale on some pouches and bought a bunch of them for about $4.00 each. I now have one installed on the table leg of each work table in the shop, plus we just started adding them to our tool carts. They say "a place for everything and everything in its place" - this is a quick, cheap and easy way to keep those useful tools close by!


For a lark I'm going to enter this Instructable in the JURY RIG IT contest - if you like it please vote for it here!! Thanks!



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