Super Chicken on Coca Cola Bottle


Introduction: Super Chicken on Coca Cola Bottle

Step 1: Bottle

Take a glass bottle

Step 2: Adding

Put a not ready chicken on it and put a mayonez on it

Step 3:

You know what to do.

Step 4:

After 1hour 30m

Step 5: Take Out

Take out

Step 6:

Step 7: Bon Appetite !!!!!!



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    4 Discussions

    Aye, I've seen this sort of style, but more of a "beer can chicken" variant. The beer steams during the cooking and actually cooks the bird from the inside while the convection crisps the skin. It comes out quite lovely!

    Also, don't forget to list certain steps such as oven temperature and whatever fluid that you're putting into your bottle.

    Enjoy your meal!

    I think you should call it "Surprised Chicken" :). Looks yummy!