Step 1: Bottle

Take a glass bottle

Step 2: Adding

Put a not ready chicken on it and put a mayonez on it

Step 3:

You know what to do.

Step 4:

After 1hour 30m

Step 5: Take Out

Take out

Step 7: Bon Appetite !!!!!!

<p>Looks pretty tasty....!</p>
<p>Aye, I've seen this sort of style, but more of a &quot;beer can chicken&quot; variant. The beer steams during the cooking and actually cooks the bird from the inside while the convection crisps the skin. It comes out quite lovely!<br><br>Also, don't forget to list certain steps such as oven temperature and whatever fluid that you're putting into your bottle.</p><p>Enjoy your meal!</p>
I think you should call it &quot;Surprised Chicken&quot; :). Looks yummy!

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