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Introduction: Super-Citrusy Room and Linen Spray

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Don't throw out the perfectly good spray bottles that perfumes or other over-priced beauty products are sold in.  We probably pay more for that bottle than for the product anyway!  Instead, reuse the packaging to make new, and adorable, cleaning products. 

This project is a great room or linen spray on it's own, or a base for something a little more elaborate.  And since it is just citrus and vodka, if you like, it could also make a nice additional to your bar : )

The vodka and citrus fruits have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that will freshen up a room or closet without additional chemicals.


Empty Perfume Bottle (Spray bottle)
Jar (Reused food jar)

Cutting Board

  1. Remove label from bottle (the vodka helps with this as well). 
  2. Slice rind of lemon, lime and orange.  Just using the rind will minimize the amount of sugar that gets into the spray.
  3. Put rinds in a jar and fill with vodka.
  4. Cover and let sit for a few days.
  5. Remove a few pieces of rind and cut into very thin strips.
  6. Put thin strips in the spray bottle.  This will not only look lovely, but continues the infusing process.
  7. Fill half of the spray bottle with the vodka mix and the rest with water.
Optional - Add add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix.  Ginger, lavender or mint are good choices. Mixing in small batches gives you plenty of chances to try new scents.



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If I will use ethyl alcohol, with 70 or 75%.. is it ok?...

hey annahowardshaw, i made one for myself, used 5% vodka, a mixture of orange and grapefruit problem is it doesnt smell so good... i was thinkin if its because i mixed fresh and ripe rinds... please help...
also, im thinking if its possible to ethyl alcohol instead of vodka...

what do you think?

thanks in advance... about flavored vodkas?

Could prob also be a body spray, right? (I LOOOOVE citrus smells!)

i bought a jar of a product like this, made with grapefruit and keep it in the frig. its a wonderful refresher during the hot summer! p.s. its lasted almost 5 years, since it takes very little to make you feel fresh.

Good idea! I don't see why that wouldn't work. The only thing is that I'm not sure how long the scent would last or how that might relate to infusion time.

Oh, and brand of vodka might come into play in terms of how strong the smell of the alcohol is and if it lingers at all.

Also the pure alcohol may dry your skin more than you want it to. Be sure to also use some sort of moisturizer!

Hey I was wondering if you could use tequila for this? I don't really drink much so all I have is a bottle of tequila left over from New Years lol

hey so ic ould use rubbing alchol

No! Rubbing alcohol would be okay for surface cleaning (which you could also use this for), but since it should not be inhaled and can cause skin irritation, spraying it around a room would no be advisable. Even if it evaporates quickly, and doesn't pose too much a hazard, it does has a stronger smell, so it may overpower any other scent anyway.