Picture of Super Cookie Christmas Trees
Growing up, my mom believed that all of our food should be both healthy and delicious. Nothing epitomized this better than her chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. In her recipe notebook they are labeled just as "Super Cookies", but we also called them "Crack Cookies".

If there are cookies out there that taste better than these, I am not aware of them. To balance out the cup of butter and the two cups of sugar, they have a whopping three cups of oatmeal, a cup of wheat germ, and a half-cup of protein powder, so as cookies go they are surprisingly healthy.

The policy of the house was that, if we wanted cookies, we could make them at any time. My brothers would wait for me to bake them. I found out then that adding a teaspoon of mint extract not only made them minty good, but that my brothers hate mint.

Of course, my dad also didn't like the mint, and made me make every other batch at least without... because he loved the cookies also.

Of course, plain cookies are not enough for the good folks at Instructables. We have to raise the bar with some artistic decoration as well.

I hope you enjoy these cookies. They are super easy, super good, and super healthy!
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Jetpack5 (author)  Kimberly_REMOVED2 years ago
Well, 6 cookies, 2 gummy ropes, a hershey's kis, and sundry icing and sprinkles...but yes! I can say from experience that you will feel no guilt.

I actually sat down with one of those trees intending to put the rest back...and before I knew it it was eaten...