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Introduction: Super Cool Dart in 2 Minutes

This is a super cool, quick and easy dart that I made at school and threw at some wooden double doors and discovered it stuck in it. I instantly had some friends test it on me, and sure as, it stuck in me too! I deemed it worthy to be on here due to it's simplicity, but careful, my bedroom door is now littered with little holes!

-Paper, a whole sheet is unnecessary, the smaller ones fly further, bigger ones are heavier and stick
in things better.
-Drawing Pins, I stole these from my IT teacher's desk but bought a box of 200 when I got home.
-Blu Tack, this is what gives the weight that propels the whole thing forward.

-A pair of scissors make the dart a little more streamlined due to their ability to cut stuff straight. I made
this in school without scissors, however.

Step 1: Make the Dart Casing-Thing

-Cut a square of paper, make sure it's fairly even so it will fold easier.
-Fold the square diagonally, like corner to corner.
-Fold the remaining two corners together so you get a cross pattern on the paper.
-You should see four little triangle like shapes on the paper; push one of the in to make it look half sized, and then do the same to the opposite side. The picture will explain it better!

Follow the pictures to get the idea better!

Step 2: Push the Pin Through and Add Blu Tack

-If you open up your now triangle looking object, you will see a centre point; push you pin firmly through this
-Affix some Blu Tack on the bottom of the pin and squeeze the side of the paper together to make sure it's firmly stuck
-You're done!



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    thats cool i can make a blow dart all you need is a straw and a paper and a needle glue in the middle and role it in a cone try to make it skiny then stick it in the straw cut of the exra part of paper put the needle in .(put a piece of paper in the hole of the needle so it dosn't fall out )put a nuther piece of paper in so it dosn't fall out.;)

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    nice one! you got an instructable on that? I'll be sure to check it out!