Super Cool Dowsing Rods!!!!!!!





Introduction: Super Cool Dowsing Rods!!!!!!!

This is an instructable on how to make dowsing rods.You use them to find things underground.Me and my dad used it to find our old water line and it was right on top of it.they work like metal detectors and can help to keep you from spending lots of money on professional ones.

Step 1: Step 1:What Youll Need

You'll need:

1.36" of #4 Copper wire is the best but Anything bigger than
#10 copper will work.

2.20" of wire that you can wrap easily around the #4 copper


3.a hole and some whatever to put in it.(an old book,pvc

4.some pliers.(if using #4 copper or bigger copper)

Step 2: Making the Rods

First cut the 36" long wire with the pliers back blades into 2

18" pieces. Then use the pliers to bend the last 6" of the wire

into a 90 degree angle to form the handle. Now use the small

wire and wrap it around the handle. This is not necessary but I

have experimented with that and found that it works slightly


Step 3: The Test

Dig a hole.

Put something in the hole.

Fill the hole back in.

Hold the rods very lightly & loosely so they can move very

Verry easily.

Hold them about 10" apart and walk over the area where you

buried the item.

The two rods should be attracted and cross where the item is


You can use them to loacate water pipes or whatever you want.

This was my first instructable and I hope you enjoyed it.



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Questions & Answers


Worked to find water for the well in our house. The well has been putting out water since the 90's....

It's been terminated !

KenBob is correct you can win $1,000,000 from if you can prove these work. People have been fooling themselves for years with these things, from sticks, to coat hangers and even crystals on a string. Isint it amazing how these things can find anything? Dead people (woo) Water, dirt, air, your dog, the sky. How do these work you asked? It's called the ideomotor effect, and it's you doing the "working" you just do not realize it. Dear tyty100, I mean no offence, but this only promotes the problem, people actually charge money to "find" water, gold, silver etc and people pay for it. These fail double blind tests EVERY time, I wish it were not true but it seems to be that way. I hope you are the lucky/talented one who can disprove this, take the $1,000,000 challange. You can see it be tested for on youtube, simply type in (Randi dowsing test) and you can watch the test being done.

Well I looked it up and it said the million dollar challenge has been terminated. What's that tell you ?

Dosent work for me

I made them out of copper wire coat hangers,,everything I could think of but they don't move......and I'm not holding them too tight either.

Wrong, only if Randi can't do the same thing using his magic tricks, besides he has very high negative psi abilities which make many things in his presents not work.

Theres lots of people have proved they do work, guess you missed that part

One of the first thing you learn in science at the University level is that you can not prove anything at most you can disprove a thing. If you can not disprove a thing then it stands that it might be the truth or close it if repeatable. No one has proven that an all powerful being or intelligence is at work in the Universe yet every culture has a religion and a belief in some higher being no matter what they call it. No not everyone believes in an all powerful force in the universe but 3/4 of the earths population does especially in those less developed area's. IF in 6500 years of recorded human history no one has been able to prove that an all powerful being is at work in the Universe what hope does anyone have of proving coat hangers bent into an L do anything?

On top of this the "magic" which I hate that word because magic is science or technology that we can not yet explain or manipulate on command yet. Maybe it is the human that is the tool and the bent metal rod is just a prop to allow the person some plane of reference for what his senses are picking up from the environment. People want to make it sound like ideomotor effect is some how lame or not good enough. Personally I think only a small mind would fail to see how amazing this is. If through the process of ideomotor phenomenon a person is able to locate objects that he or she can not see with their eye's, hear with their ear's. smell or taste the real phenomenon is not making the stupid bent rod move but knowing when to make the bent rod move which is something unknown to the person using the dowsing rods. The rods could be anything the real issue is how does the person know when to make the rods cross. What is guiding their intuition which like wise cannot be proven to exist yet is accepted as a factual piece of the human mind by medicine. Why are some people "lucky" why are some people " really good at guessing".

So any attempt to remove the man or human from the experiment will always fail because the rods are just props. The needle on a meter has no bearing on the circuit itself if you remove the needle from a gauge but leave all the other parts in tact it still functions but you the human have no idea what the reading is. The needle is not part of the circuit it is their to allow you the human to see what the resistors, diodes and transformers are registering it is simply an indicator.

Also like anything some people are absolutely with out any talent for this type of thing while other's exceed the law of averages. So even if the user is moveing the rods that is not the issue who cares what is moving the rods what one should be looking at is how does the person that is more often right then wrong know "when" to move the rods.