I have had this plastic skull for about 12 years and it never really served a purpose. It was time it got a job. I will show you what I did to make a really cool headphone stand. Feel free to use any type of skull you want. Say maybe a Homo Erectus skull?

Step 1: Test Fit Shelf Bracket

I needed to use a shelf bracket to mount the whole deal away from the wall. Here I was tempted to Dremel out a hole and use a bolt, nut, and washers. I folded and considered that it was just way to much work.


Fred jumped to his death off the shelf bracket. So I had to screw him to the shelf bracket. Now he can't go anywhere. Some peoples kids (shaking my head)

Step 2: Epoxy Skull to Bracket

I was able to get two contact spots on the skull. I used 5 minute 5 ton epoxy. You can use a clamp to hold the assembly together or you can use 2 - 12" Zip Ties wrapped around the skull to hold it together while the epoxy cures. Don't be afraid to be rather liberal with the epoxy.

Step 3: Final Touches

Now that the epoxy has set up I mounted it to the wall using 3 screws with 3 anchors. Because I was mounting in a paneling wall I glued the three anchors in with Elmers Glue All then installed the assembly. Put on a pair of my old scratched up sunglasses and finally the headphones.

Now I have a safe home for my Steel Series Artic V2's when I am not using them.

<p>I like it.</p><p>Just wonder where to buy such a skull!</p>
<p>It was a Halloween prop so I am sure one like it or better could be had easily around Halloween. </p>
<p>Nice, I like it!</p>

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