This has been done before and done better, so I'm just putting up a slide show.

I needed a cheap way to keep food cold since I have a five hour break between my morning and afternoon class. Didn't want a nice cooler as that would just invite theft. So "Super Cooler" was born. The last slide is the Newton's Law of Cooling graph computed for the cooler before and after, k was computed by measuring change in temp over time and rearranging T=Tr+(Tn-Tr)e(-kx).
I know this is an older one, but it's late and i'm bored. What most people seem to not realize is how little insulation is in a regular cooler (pick a brank, it's about the same all around). The amount of insulation here at least triples what you'd find in a store bought one. For added fun, coat the outside in reflextix or mylar!
i like your grey poupon jar in the backround :)
How does it work?
From the title I thought I was going so find out how to cool things down quicker. Did I miss something? It looks like you just made the foam walls thicker.
I agree with LinuxH4x0r, nice job doing a classic, looks nice, but I prefer Instructables over SlideShows or videos.
Nice job building an old classic.

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