For time immemorial, across the world, people have enjoyed nibbling on pieces of crunchy pork crackling while they sip on a cold beer. The secret to producing these artery choking treats has been well guarded - passed down the generations through the centuries.
The Davinci Code of beer snacks - we can only guess at the recipe.

After extensive research and a process of trial and error that has dominated my life since about ten o'clock this morning, I am proud to reveal my own recipe. My recipe utilizes the delicious but normally unchewable rind of the bacon that might otherwise be discarded, and one of the wonders of our age; the microwave oven.

Every-day household items can be very dangerous. But then again; WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

Step 1: Prepare the Rind of Your Bacon

Get yourself some delicious bacon with the rind still on.
With a sharp knife simply cut the rind off the bacon. Don't leave too much fat on it.
This actually works well! I had mane with beer and the beer still tasted great. My wife made the brave move of having it with a Vodka Tonic and also said it was delicious!<br>

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