Picture of HOW TO MAKE: A Super Cyborg Rubber Ducky!
Today I'll be making the super cyborg rubber ducky. When you get a leaser diode and you don't have a driver circuit or an appropriate driver circuit, It will dim making it useless for anything. What no! 

You can make a super cyborg rubber ducky! the great thing about it is that if you have a dimmed laser without a focus lens, you can still make it.  Its like a working thing made out of virtually nothing in our society. I didn't buy any of these parts except for the ducky and the flash drive.

ps. my camera wasn't working so i had to borrow an IPhone 3gs so the pics might not be that good. I'm 13 so no bad comments please

Lets get started!

Step 1: Get the tools!

Picture of Get the tools!
First of all, you will need a few tools. Most people wanting to attempt this will most likely have them all.

1.Soldering station or soldering iron. 
2.Helping hand. Optional but highly recommended. 
3.Small wire cutters (electronics type)
4.Wire stripper
5. Of course, Hot glue gun

astroboy9074 years ago
Evil Cyborg Rubber Ducky World Takeover! (ECRBWT for short)
Nice :)
dog digger (author)  astroboy9074 years ago
then ill let it take over my computer wich has the power to take over the world!
(don't forget to vote for me in the laser contest! ;)
will do :)
tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?
lewster4 years ago
u should give it burning lasers for eyes, and it should have a flyback driver (mini)
toj cookies4 years ago
yeah darby!!
lewster4 years ago
awesome Dog digger!
I'll find an encription program 4 u or i'll make 1
dog digger (author)  lewster4 years ago
theVader754 years ago
dude why did you used your flash drive for the usb ?
dog digger (author)  theVader754 years ago
Because I could. I wanted to ad Extra functionality to the duck
did you put a program on the flash drive?
dog digger (author)  theVader754 years ago
not yet.
i want to put an encryption program on it though.
you should check out my entry, turn your dog into a cyborg. much simpler. and you dont have to cut holes in your dog. :)