Super-Deluxe Custom Bike Basket for Under $5.00, (Using Cardboard, Wire & Duct Tape)

Picture of Super-Deluxe Custom Bike Basket for Under $5.00, (Using Cardboard, Wire & Duct Tape)
My ten year old daughter has been wanting a small basket for her bike for quite some time.  We looked high and low at stores and the internet, but nothing appealed to my fickle little cyclist.  Suddenly, she asked, "Can't we just make one, Dad?"

We started brainstorming, and eventually came up with a cardboard, wire mesh and duct tape design that we liked.

This is my second instructable, but my FIRST father/daughter instructable.  Thanks for checking it out.  I appreciate any comments, and will do my best to answer any questions.

BTW, my daughter made my avatar :)

Step 1: Gather Tools & Materials

Picture of Gather Tools & Materials
Wire Cutters
Mallet or Hammer

Cardboard Box
Regular Duct Tape
Decorative Duct Tape
Wire Mesh
Zip Ties
bbfree2da2 years ago
This is gonna be a mother/ daughter project. Great idea we are gonna try this for sure. We wanted a basket and this is perfect. Thanks
bethmwl2 years ago
I like how you sandwiched the mesh, and using an old box saves a lot of issues with measuring, cutting, folding, etc. This would work for a number of other uses. I'd been trying to make a custom tackle box, and this provides inspiration and good ideas.
ChrysN2 years ago
Cool father/daughter project, nicely done.
alhazen2 years ago
Super! I think I'll borrow your idea for a father / daughter project of my own for next weekend.
zap1998 (author)  alhazen2 years ago
Thanks, we had a lot of fun building ours.