Picture of Super Dooper Sock Snowmen!!!
Greetings! Well, as the title says.... We will be creating awesome sock snowmen! (See picture) These are great gifts and the final price is around 3 dollars per snowman and you can make how ever many you want! You can now get all your christmas shopping knocked out in just an hour or two! Its a great way to save money and you can personlize them to fit the person you are giving it to! Well, lets get started!!!
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Okay so for the materials:

-Hot glue gun
-Tube socks. (men size 6-12 work great!)
-Decorative woman socks
-Rubber bands
-Tooth Picks
-A cup

Also, you will want accesories to personalize them!

-Colored String
-Jingle bells
-Small pom poms
-Googley eyes
-orange paint

And there you go! For me, all this cost round 30 bucks but i am making 20 of them so there fairly cheap! There are also lots of pictures to show you the stuff i used...

Step 2: Lets Build up the Body!

Picture of Lets Build up the Body!
Now were going to make the actually snowman.. heres the steps:

1. Fill the cup up with the rice and put the sock over the cup like in picture 1 and flip the cup over to dump all the rice in.
2. Repeat until you have 3 cups of rice in the sock. 
3. Rubber band that off tightly around the top like in picure 2.
4. Like in step 1, fill the cup up again and pour the rice in.. but this time only put in one cup.. this will be the head..
5. Rubber band it off like in picture 3..
6. Cut off the top part of the sock until you have something like the last picture!

Now we need to put some clothes on him.. PROCEED! ;)

love1 made it!8 months ago

it is so fun making the snowman and women to

love1 made it!8 months ago

it is so fun making the snowman and women to

cookie19528 months ago

Are they micowavable?

How do u make the hats?
MackeFeet (author)  loveplushies1 year ago
It's been almost 2 years, so I don't remember exactly but in step 2 it shows a picture and I believe that the hats are the top (ankle part) of the sock, then you take that and roll the edge onto the face, and tie off the top with some string, rubber band, etc.
They're actually really big!! But so cut!
vpurcell1 year ago
These are ADORABLE! Great use for all those left socks missing their right partners!
Cutest things in the world!
pjds782 years ago
I think you did a beautiful job, i love them all. Snow people are my most favorite and I will be doing these with my grand daughter. Thanks for sharing.
MackeFeet (author)  pjds782 years ago
Thanks so much! I just made these last year, didn't know it would get this much hype! I'm probably going to make something else this year for the family for Christmas. Maybe some led light bulbs that are ornaments or something? So knows! But thanks!
i came up with my own "sock snowmen" last year for Christmas though they turned out different to these. one thing i did was fill mine with sweets/small gifts that didn't cost much.
Qué bonitos y fáciles, muchas gracias por enseñarnos a hacer estos bellos muñequitos :)
MackeFeet (author)  artistalight3 years ago
Yo traduje esto usando traductor Google .. se tomaron el tiempo de su día para leer mi instructable así que llevará tiempo salir de la mina para responder ... ¡Gracias!
MackeFeet (author)  artistalight3 years ago
Su Bienvenido
gemgh3 years ago
Darling. I'm gonna attempt to make these.
aiyabibi3 years ago
Those are such adorable snowman! They look so cute with their hats and sweaters!
I'm going to have to make some of these! I love them!
sunshiine3 years ago
Very cute! So easy to make! Thanks for sharing.
Those are such adorable snowman! They look so cute with their hats and sweaters!
MackeFeet (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thanks! To both of you.. I'm very proud of them.. ;)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
These are adorable!