Super EZ Fruit Fly Trap





Introduction: Super EZ Fruit Fly Trap

Similar to the fly trap shown in an earlier Instructable, but (a) very simple to build and (b) specifically designed for those little buggers that love the produce that is so expensive or hard to grow.

Step 1: Materials

Sheet of heavy paper (I use cheap cardstock)
Small plastic jar, preferably clear (I use peanut butter jars)
Hot glue gun

Step 2: Doorway for the Little Creeps

Cut a circle of cardstock about 8" diameter. Cut a slit to the center of this circle. Precision is not important.

Step 3: Roll Into a Cone

Roll the circle into a cone. Again, precision isn't important but the cone top must be significantly larger than the jar mouth. You can use hot glue to seal. I used a strip of tape.

Step 4: Cut an Entryway

Snip off the tip of the cone just a bit. You want a hole about 1/8" diameter. Too small, and the fruit flies can't get in. Too large and they can find their way out.

Step 5: Assemble

Pour a half-inch of vinegar into the jar.
Run a bead of hot glue on the jar opening.
Glue the cone into the opening.
If there are any gaps between cone and jar, seal with hot glue.
Place the finished trap near your fresh fruit.
Mine caught eight flies in less than an hour.
After a few days, take it outside, immerse in soapy water to kill the flies that aren't already dead, and make a new trap.



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    Great design. I was too lazy to get out the glue gun and used masking tape instead. I was able to untape and refresh the wine or dark beer dregs that were my bait. Over a few days it worked like a charm!

    It works great and catches them fairly quickly, but they eventually all get out again. I followed the instructions and hot glued the edged, and I cut the hole only a 1/8" so I don't know what else I can do. Any suggestions?

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    Are you sure they're getting out? Although our traps catch the little beggars, they often breed before they're caught, so we get another generation

    If they are getting out, the hole may be too large after all. Or perhaps they're crawling between the layers of the paper cone. Tape both edges of the cone to be sure that isn't happening.

    Good luck!

    Great Instructable Thanks! Ours caught about 20 in 30 minutes! Mind you we had quite the fruit fly problem before we made you trap. Anyway Thanks a Bundle!

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    It works great and catches them fairly quickly, but they eventually all get out again. I followed the instructions and hot glued the edged, and I cut the hole only a 1/8" so I don't know what else I can do. Any suggestions?

    Most fruit flies ( or flies in general) are attracted to anything "fermenting" such as fruit thats a bit over ripe, wine vinegars or even white breads (the yeast). I have used this method all summer long and it works. Oh and, I have used just a plain, red wine that we had a bit of. They died happy, no doubt!


    I just made one of these, and after just an hour or so there's quite a few dead fruit flies in the jar. I used some old homemade wine as bate. Maybe they're just drunk and floating on their backs. Good instructable. Simple and effective. Thanks.

    Thanks. Made one (well almost like this one, same concept) yesterday and was ecstatic when I caught one :-) (This morning there were already like a dozen in there) Using red wine vinegar as bait.

    why not use the screw-on lid? cut a hole in the lid for the funnel and glue the funnel to the lid instead. Then you can unscrew the top and save the funnel when it comes time to dump out the dregs

    People left half a glass of red wine standing at this bed and breakfast place I was staying and within half an hour it was covered in fruit flies (*shudder*) ... red wine makes an excellent bait. kudos on the extremely simple design.

    If they are real fruit flies then rotting banana works very well. For other species then you may have to experiment. Another very quick and effective variation is to add your bait to a paper cup, fix some glad wrap over the top, make a few small holes with a ball point pen - done.

    I made 3 of these. I glued the first one to the jar like you say, but for other 2 I just put the funnel under the lid and let the lid clamp it in place. I cut a large round hole in the plastic lid and just punched a bunch of holes on the tin one with my awl. They all worked well and all the little flying bugs are gone. The ones with the lids instead of glue on them can be rinsed and reused. I was very pleased with how well they worked

    THIS IS AWESOME, Thank you so much~! <3 We had no idea how to get rid of the little jerks, but this works like a charm. ;D

    Quote "you can catch for flies with honey than with vinegar" Unquote

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    That's not true with fruit flies. :P

    Thanks !!! It really works ! Though I have not positively ID the type of flies I have.. it helps to wipe out the entire infestation within a week.. I tried to use the bait recommended but it didn't work..(guess they are not fruit flies). Instead they are crazy over white bread !!! For the funnel I used normal paper and tape it to the bottle.

    This is awesome. I also spent four weeks yelling at them and threatening their families. There have been significantly less since but I still would like to be thorough.

    I did this but I used a plastic sandwich bag and a rubberband instead of the paper funnel. I cut a hole in one of the closed corners of the plastic bag and secured it over the jar with a rubberband. I've caught 7 flies so far! Also, I decided to use some wine because its what I had.