Well...it is as it says in the title basicly. How to make hot chocolate with real chocolate, and the best part, you can use your favourite chocolate it doesnt have to be a specific make or percent. 

Read on to reveal the secret recipe ;-)

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Chocolate - this can be your favourite chocolate ever, or the nearest chocolate you have at hand. I used both, i love cadbury, and its                      all i have in the house hehe. Feel free to use any chocolate you want, Cadbury, Galaxy, Green and blacks 70%, 80%, or even 90%, truthfully never tryed it with dark chocolate but if you do post a comment please

2. Milk - now just like the chocolate i used what i had, plain full fat milk. I dont know if youll get different results with semi skimmed milk, skimmed milk, goats milk, or even soy milk, again please comment and let me know =)

3. Your favourite mug

4. cocoa powder - not entirely needed to be honest
<p>I made it with Nestle Dark Choclate.<br>Tastes so damn good, thank you so much.<br>Sharing this on my cooking page.</p>
I haven't made it yet but it's the best so far that I have read. Thank you so much. I will come by again when I've made it :)
<p>I made it with Almond milk and 70% chocolate to taste, Delicious healthy version!</p>
Lol @ mug!

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