Super Easy BB Holder





Introduction: Super Easy BB Holder

This is a nice little BB holder that you can make in about 5 seconds. It's good for when you are out in the field except that it doesn't hold very many BB's. But you can always make more than one. This is my second instructable so you should be nice.

Step 1: Materials

You will need an old chapstick tube(I just used a Carmex one)
Tissue or napkin or paper towel or something like that.(optional)

Step 2: Opening It Up

Grab the little white thing at the bottom and pull it out without breaking it.(this is what the pliers are for) Grab the little white twisty rod thingy and break it off.

Step 3: Finish It Up

Snap the little white thing back into the bottom and fill it with BB's. Yo can rip little pieces off of your tissue and stuff them in the cap to make it quieter so it doesn's rattle when you run. You now have a little BB holder thing.



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    13 Discussions

    and when you cant reach the bb's wind it up ps i use this with glue sticks

    not very practical, but you may be on to something. I suppose that if you're a maker of airsoft guns, you could design it around a stick of lip balm as the mag, but you just splice a couple of them together. that may not be very practical either, but it still sounds fun ;D

    Seriously? A speed loader only costs like $1.50 and holds 200 bbs, plus it can load your guns really fast!!

    BTY if your looking to make a smoke bomb for your airsoft wars i have one posted

    this is good but the pop-up m&m; containers are better because they hold more bbs, you just pop the top for quick and easy acess, and you get t eat the chocolate. Nice instrutable though it gave me the idea

    I used to carry BBs in plastic drinking straws. I sealed the ends with a match.

    I tried to make one with the little plunger thing in it but the BB's didn't fit around the little rod. I might try on with liek a glue stick though. IDK.

    It doesn't hold a ton but enough to fill a couple of smallish mags.

    this is kinda neat, though you should have left the plunger and stick thing in and made a couple holes in the top so you just twist for bb's. nice instructable.

    "This is my second instructable so you should be nice." Ni