Hi everybody!
In this i'ble I will show you how to make by yourself two super easy, strong, practical and very cheap bicycle mounts for your cameras.

The full project costs less than 2€ (actually I spent 0€ because I already had a useless bike bell and an unused mini tripod) and it's very fast (I made it in less than 10 minutes).

Althought it's a very easy project, I took some photos so you can understand better the full process.

This mount allows you to set your compact/action camera on your handlebar, on both fork, and also on your bike's frame (where the tube is not too big).

Since the seatpost tube is inclined backwards, this mount doesn't work for it... But don't worry! I made another mount! ;) Go to check it! It's easy, strong and cheap too.

So...LET'S START!! We are losing too much time speaking!! :P

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-cheap mini tripod camera stand (last year I bought two of them for 1€)
-bicycle bell (new, used or broken it's the same)
-4cm x 2mm screw (better if your screw doesn't have a flat head! I'll substitute it)
-relative nut
-2,5cm washer (with the inner hole a little bigger than your nut) see picture

-sand paper

<p>thank you!!</p>
Thanks a lot. I would try this.
<p>thanks to you ;) if you have any question feel free to ask me anything</p>
Great idea as the mini tripods are not of much use and i have a spare light bracket that should do an even more sturdy job. Thanks.
<p>yes of course! i did another support with a light bracket and it's strong and sturdy too ;)</p>
<p>Great work, a cool simple yet effective idea!</p>
<p>thanks @LukeTheJoker!! ;)</p>
<p>Very effective project!</p>
<p>thanks very much @andrea! ;)</p>
<p>Simple and cheap. And the instructable is so well illustrated. Good Stuff! I've seen those little tripods at the dollar stores (US).</p><p>Is that some kind of front suspension on you bike?</p>
<p>First of all thanks @Uncle Kudzu! I hope so since it's my first instructable! ;)</p><p>Yes, that little tripods are very cheap (as the entire project).</p><p>And no.. my bike it's a citybike &quot;old style&quot; so it hasn't any kind of suspensions! But in the videos there are no shaking problems because this mount is very sturdy and strong as i said. (2% of shaking if i had to be honest) :P</p><p>By the way I made another support for my Mountain Bike (which has the suspension) and there really you will have 0% of shaking problems.</p>

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