Step 7: Hang the thing.

Here's an example of how it works. This thing is so light you can hang it with your thumbtacks. Now, mine go through the two layers of cardboard by just a little, but it hasn't damaged the wall and it's far easier than jamming thumbtacks directly into the wall like I'm used to.

If yours comes out particularly well, feel free to show it! Also, if you have any questions feel free to comment and ask them.
good idea, thanks. <br>I'm going to make one, but i think I might cover it with fabric, or nice paper to snazz it up.<br>
Which will totally snazz it up! The point of the instructable was to give a quick cheap solution to a problem, but if you can make it look attractive too, I say go for it!
Hi! I just saw on youtube a smaller version of this makes a good earring holder with pushing the pushpins through for the holes to put the earrings in and with the colored duct tape around the edges for a cute frame. That's two good ideas from the same concept! Thanks! Pip
Wow really? I didn't know about that one, but it's also a good fast cheap idea, so there you go!
Nice idea, I like it!
Thank you!

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