Picture of Super Easy Crochet Bracelet
Perfect for a friendship bracelet!
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Step 1: Get The Right Things

Picture of Get The Right Things
All you need is crochet thread at least two balls of it (different color) ,a crochet hook , and scissors

Step 2: Loop

Picture of Loop
Fix your crochet thread and put it in your fingers like the picture.

Step 3: Start Crocheting

Picture of Start Crocheting
First, twist your thread with your hook and hold the twisted part , insert thread inside and do it repeatedly until you get the length you want. Also don't forget to move your thumb and middle finger near when every knew knot is made.

Step 4: The Final Knot

Picture of The Final Knot
Make a knot by: inserting your hook into the crochet thread and pull.

Step 5: Scissor Time

Picture of Scissor Time
Cut of the loop and pull some strands will fall out. It's normal dont worry

Step 6: We Tie A Knot

Picture of We Tie A Knot
Tie a knot from both of the end of the bracelet

Step 7: Double Knot?!

Picture of Double Knot?!
Make another knot if you have extra space or leave it alone

Step 8: Wa La!

Picture of Wa La!
Show it to your friends or keep it to yourself! Ps. If someone has made this already I didn't know pls don't leave comments about me copying!