Introduction: Super Easy DIY Scrunchie!!

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here's a super easy to make scrunchie that takes about 10-15 minutes to make

Step 1: What You Need

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1. Thread and needle
2. Hair tie
3. Rectangle of fabric about 3" wide. Stretch your hair tie as long as it will stretch and make the length of your fabric a little over twice as long as your stretched hair tie e.g. A little longer than the fully stretched circumference of the hair tie

Step 2: Press the Edges (optional

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Since you won't be able to sew this project inside out, you can press the edges if you want a cleaner looking end result. What I did was just fold the edge over and flatten in with a hair straightening iron. I made my fold about 1/4"

Step 3: Sew Ends Together

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Take the two 3" wide ends and sew them together inside out. I just used a simple whip stitch

Step 4: Sew the Hair Tie In

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Flip the cloth back right side out. You should end up with a tube, as pictured. Pinch your hair tie in the middle of the inside of the tube, as pictured, and pull the bottom edge of your Tube of Cloth up through the middle of the hair tie and start sewing to the top edge. What you'll be doing is sewing your hair tie into, say, a big cloth donut.

Step 5: Finish Sewing Edges Together

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You'll need to bunch the fabric up a bit on the hair tie during this step to make it easier to sew the edges together, but once you're finished you should be left with a swanky looking scrunchie!! :D


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